Operating Models Outsouring

We with all stages in the technology operating and digital supply lifecyle
with personalisation and reduce complexities, time, labor, spends and monitor strategy performance.

Design + Strategy Model

Responsive, Optimised and Interactive Media integrated UX approach for Mobile

SEO & SEM Model

Owned Intelligent Content + Media is optimized for social meta, semantic taxonomy, location and interest search!

Production + Process + Execute Model

All digital web site, html5, php, bootstrap, api, mobile apps, media banners, ebooks, conversion funnels, email news/ subscription/ autoresponders, e-store, forums, polls, coupons, photography and video are part of our digital production and integration of various media - Customised features with Personalised communications, marketing, experience, common value propositions, branding.

Data Architecture & Analytics Model

Hard coding of Data Architecture to map audience journey with an intelligent content, media, events, traffic and funnels for KPI insights and transparency. All measured with Analytics.

Content Publishing + Distribution Model

Publishing and Distribution of owned, earned and shared Content and Media on Social Search Engines is a Core Value for Audience LTV Client Communication values. All major search and social-media networks covered

Social Outreach + Attraction + Amplification Model

Social is our final frontier where we end up publishing and amplifying with interest based communities of purpose. Here we monitor, mine, share and converse to understand human sentiments that lead to future conversions. We localise content in over 76 global languages with Google API and/ or even hard html5 programmed owned intelligent content with all sorts of targeting, meta-tags and hashtags

Returns, Value, Transparency & Trust Model

Return on Objectives (RoO) and RoI is a function of time (minimum one year)
The Value is proved with Transparency as Client owns and controls all social-media accounts and analytics. Trust will build only by true word and our performance. Take a Case-Study with us to beta-test one!

Intelligent Content + Media + Data Model

There are many variations with client customisations of content campaign models, social marketplace channels, industry,category


Mobile + Apps Models

Constant Mobile, Word of mouth amplfication and influence play a constant role.


Transformation needs Constant Change

Transform on each stage of the value chain to pass on consistent value to shareholders and customers.


Social Publishing & Distribution is Bread + Butter

To be able to outreach, you have to be mega publishers and distributors of what you own and make as intelligent content. Just like fresh mobile cookies every minute to attract. @Vaarika.com


What Can I Outsource?

These are just few of the things that you can do to save!


What is your Social MarCom Strategy?

Do you really have one - A predictive and big data measurable strategy of execution! Paid Advertising is not a strategy but only a Vanity metric.


Why, How and When Can we Do IT for You?

These thoughts may come up, about our capabilities. We sometimes doubt our human ones, but never doubt the AI ones that fuels our content, spokes, wheels, streams and blockchains of data, content and media experiences.


What is my RoO, RoI, RoMS, RoAS?

There are many but here are a few to start with, what you get with our intelligent content marketing services that you don't with paid advertising or with your digital agency, maybe! You don't get it at this cost, performance, accuracy and without any complexities. Do you?


Our As-A-Service Outsourcing Models

We service, managed, operate, built and translate
raw strategies on pieces of paper into full fledged campaigns to drive attraction and converstions within communities of purpose and values.


Optimisation and Marketing for Inbound Search on Social Media Networks, Channels and B2B, B2C and C2C communities.

Social Media

Social Media Publishing, Distribution, Management, Amplification, Conversions and Selling. Bespoke B2B - B2C - C2C Campaigns!

Content & Media Integration

Intelligent integration of raw info and data into owned, curated and syndicated content with interactive media.


Publishing content and media both short-form for social and long-form for search engines. All personalised branding and localised.

Marketing Technology

We run Hybrid Cloud stacks that are customized with apps/ features to achieve Client objectives, fulfill needs or solve a problem. We run IT all. You don't buy, run or upgrade anything.

Big Data and Analytics

We hard-code content, media, events and funnels with google or social native client codes to map the audience journey to performance at every stage to build a Data Architecture that is unique to each client and their marketing and communication strategies. Data mapping complexity and scale is no challenge for us with our AI.

Our Skills

Tech Skill is the only thing we have better, in addition to Will.

Graphic Design




Cyber Security


CMS/ Wordpress/ Joomla


Why Try us?

Work First. Pay Later

We build trust only with performance @Work constant and promise on time and deliver.

Being on time is always a great thing, but sustaining creativity, operations, governence across the entire supply chain is a task we have in control.
We have to be Omni-Present to deliver the Omni-Channel experience and exposure to media 365x24x7 days constantly and consistenty around the world. Keeping it accurate, true, owned and secure is a core. All control is with the Client for transparency and data governance and meassurement.
Strategic execution of digital for search and social media marketing, pr, communications for any purpose driven purpose can be customised to help deliver better RoO and RoI with our offshore outsourced tech., work and process services.

Happy Doing IT

There are many variations of humans that team up, collaborate, partner or simply interact for postive values. Finding synergy and common energy is upto us, based on interest and values.... Let us execute your thoughts of raw data, information, images and videos to tell your story in bits and bytes [bitsonbytes.com]... @VikasGulaty

MarTech is One Thing

MarTech cloud consists of many bits and bytes working in a system that helps us execute a Bespoke MarCom Strategy in the digital world of changing social moments. Let us create a Bespoke owned campaign full of content that attracts and influences rather than nothing at all.

Vaarika - Solves IT for Social

2018 Vaarika was introduced to the world and kept growing up since 2007. It has been a journey that has been fulfilling to leverage our AI, MarTech and MarCom capabilities in an integrated system that is productive and disruptive in the eco-marketplace due to sustainable arbitrage value on costs, objectives and RoI

What is the story? We are finding the time to write it down again in bits on bytes and follow the web site to stay updated... @VikasGulaty


We don't need anyone to testify.

-King Doe/ Director of FBI

Why Work is Testimony of Digital Legacy

-Queen Doe/ Director of Destiny

Our Partners

Work as a Digital Team
virtual, viral, visual and distrubted around the world.

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